Features and fixes in the FeedLand system.
  • There's a new release of the UI of FeedLand that covers a big new feature in the product -- reading lists, a list you can subscribe to.#
  • There's a new sub-menu of the Tools menu, where you can look at a list of your reading lists (right now there are none), or other people's reading lists (my list has a few on it), and see a list of FeedCorps reading lists, a service we're starting that "primes the pump of the bootstrap" -- we'll try to provide some interesting lists for people to subscribe to, to get the idea out there. #
  • You can also enter the URL of an OPML file and have FeedLand subscribe to it. #
  • Big caveat#
  • This is a new and internally complex feature, so you should expect there will be slowness in strange places, it may take a while before all the feeds in a list are functioning properly. But it does appear to be usable. So it's time to go forward with it.#
  • I'm not really looking for testing right now, that'll come a little later. I just felt that with this feature more or less fully developed in plain sight in the UI, I should mention it, and if you're adventurous, and willing to really focus on it, then by all means give it a try. #

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Last update: Monday October 30, 2023; 11:58 AM EDT.

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