Features and fixes in the FeedLand system.
  • Every so often the Bookmarks file would get wiped out, and of course this is more than annoying. #
  • So today I reviewed the code, and quickly found a condition that would cause the file to get reinitialized.#
  • Sloppy coding, if there was an error reading the file, you would lose the bookmarks. #
  • The fix was to not reinitialize the file if there's an error if you had already initialized the file#
  • The reason this was happening a lot lately is that we were having issues with the server, and errors reading the file were probably more common.#
  • Here's what happens now. If there's an error:#
    • An error dialog appears saying there was an error reading the bookmarks file.#
    • The menu is not initialized and does not appear in the menubar.#
    • The bookmark icon below each news item is disabled, and the tooltip says so. #
    • It beeps if you click on the icon.#
  • The assumption is that the file actually exists, but we're not able to read it. The fix is to reload the page. If the problem occurs every time you load the page, over a period of hours, you should report it. My guess is that the error will generally clear when the server returns to normal if there is a problem with the server. #

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Last update: Wednesday August 30, 2023; 11:42 AM EDT.

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