Features and fixes in the FeedLand system.
Thursday November 17, 2022; 12:55 PM EST
  • There was a deep problem in the connection between Radio3 and FeedLand, caused by me working around a bug in a package that the reallySimple package used. . #
  • The problem could be solved by making the string we use as a "guid" for items in a feed to be slightly different from the one used for the link element and still have it serve as a permalink. I did that by adding a nonsense attribute to the URL for the permalink. Hopefully all the servers will ignore the field they aren't looking for. #
  • Sorry if this sounds incomprehensible. I'm leaving this detailed a note so if I ever stumble across this area of the code someday I'll have some clue as to wtf is going on.#
  • Anyway as egregious as this is, it appears to work, and the links are once again showing up on items from Radio3 feeds. #
  • Still diggin!#

Last update: Sunday November 20, 2022; 4:41 PM EST.

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